Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy Suavitel® products?

    Suavitel® products are sold in stores across the U.S.

    Or call us: 800-443-0602

  • What sizes are available for Suavitel® products?

    Suavitel® liquid fabric softener is offered in a variety of sizes:

    • 14.4 fl oz (425 mL) 12 small loads (Suavitel® Complete)
    • 15.2 fl oz (450 mL) 13 small loads
    • 28.7 fl oz (848 mL) 24 small loads
    • 33.8 fl oz (1 L) 28 small loads
    • 41.5 fl oz (1.22 L) 35 small loads (Suavitel® Complete)
    • 46 fl oz (1.36 L) 39 small loads
    • 105 fl oz (3.1 L) 89 small loads (Suavitel® Complete)
    • 120 fl oz (3.5 L) 102 small loads
    • 160 fl oz (4.7 L) 235 medium loads (Suavitel® Advanced)

    Dryer sheets are also available in 18, 20, 36, 40, 70, and 185 count boxes.

  • What Suavitel® fragrances are available?

    Suavitel® liquid fabric softener is offered in a variety of refreshing fragrances to meet your laundering needs: Field Flowers®, Morning Sun®, Soothing Lavender®, Waterfall Mist®, Sunshine Bloom, Garden Breeze, and Vanilla.

    Suavitel® dryer sheets are available in Field Flowers®, Morning Sun®, Soothing Lavender®, Waterfall Mist®, and Vanilla.

    Try them all and pick your favorites!

  • What are the ingredients in Suavitel®?

    Suavitel® understands it's important to know not only what is in the products you and your family use, but also why they are in there. That's why we are not only sharing our product ingredients, but also their purpose in the formula. Our goal is to provide clear information that is easy to understand about the products you trust in your home and around your family.

  • What is the difference between fabric conditioner and softener?

    Traditionally we called Suavitel® a fabric softener, but it does much more than just soften. Suavitel® liquid softens and freshens clothes, and Suavitel® Complete adds Stain-Shield, color protection, and wrinkle reduction benefits.** Therefore, it seems more accurate to call Suavitel® a fabric conditioner to better describe the benefits it offers to you and your clothes.


    **After 5 washes; tested on cotton and cotton polyester fabric; vs. detergent alone

  • How do I use Suavitel® Liquid?

    Dosage instructions differ by size. See instructions on label.
    Add the liquid to the final rinse cycle, not directly on fabrics.
    If spotting occurs, wet the fabric and rub with a mild bar soap and rinse.


  • How do I use Suavitel® dryer sheets?

    All you need to do is place a new sheet into the dryer onto the wet laundry at the start of the drying cycle.

    Try using more than one sheet in the dryer for an extra touch of freshness or for larger loads.

    Use a low heat setting for synthetic fibers.

    For faster and better drying, do not overfill the dryer and remember to discard used sheets prior to the next load.

    For that fresh Suavitel® scent in new places, try adding a Suavitel® dryer sheet to FRESHEN:

    • Drawers

    • Cars

    • Closets

    • Suitcases

    • Gym bags


  • Can I use liquid and sheets in the same load?

    Absolutely! For the ultimate freshness from washer to dryer, use Suavitel® liquid in the washer and Suavitel® sheets in the dryer. Your family will notice that extra touch.

  • Is the container recyclable?

    • To recycle any Suavitel® liquid container other than the 41.5 fl oz size, remove as much of the product as possible before recycling the item. No need to rinse - just be sure to put the cap back on!
    • To recycle any 41.5 fl oz Suavitel® liquid container, first remove the label. Then, simply empty and replace the cap as with any other size.
    • Suavitel® dryer sheets containers are widely recyclable.