Suavitel® Brand Story

For decades, people have been obsessed with Suavitel®. For the way it makes their laundry smell and feel—but also for how it makes them feel. Suavitel® is more than just the sum of its parts. For those who grew up with it, they know: it’s a mother’s love, bottled.


in Mexico

Suavitel® first launched in Mexico in 1972 and quickly became a success. People fell in love with the unique scents of Suavitel® and made it an indispensable part of their laundry routines. They loved how super-soft it made their favorite sheets feel. And how it made everything just smell so good—for days!

Women of all ages, from traditional homemakers to working moms, learned the magic of Suavitel®. It amplified the love and care that went into their daily task of washing the family laundry. Whereas beforehand the “freshness” of clean laundry would fade almost instantly, with Suavitel®, even the simplest tee shirt becomes invitingly soft and stays fragrant for days—the sign of a mother’s love.


in US

More than forty years after its debut, Suavitel® has become as much a household staple in the United States as it is in Latin America. It continues to help mothers across North and South America ensure that their families feel fresh and cared for.



In 2018, Suavitel® made a major new breakthrough with the launch of Suavitel® Complete: a formula with superior technology* that provides irresistible freshness, color protection**, and fewer wrinkles**. The formula is always evolving to keep laundry forever fresh and fragrant—but at its core, Suavitel® is, and always will be, about a mother’s love.

*vs. Suavitel® Regular Density

**After 5 washes; tested on cotton and cotton polyester fabric; vs. detergent alone